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At Mottram Associates, we pride ourselves on customer service, our expertise, our ability to troubleshoot problems and to produce intelligent, cost-effective solutions.

We enforce the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and professionalism working within and applying the Construction Design & Management (CDM) Regulations, the Disability Discrimination Act, British Standards and the SAFed Lift Guidance Notes.

We keep a finger on the pulse of lift industry technology, corporate happenings, legislative changes and financial intelligence to ensure it stays that way.

Why not put us to the test?


Introducing Mottram Associates


When lift and escalator systems are part of your business or construction project, you need to know you can move people and products efficiently, safely and cost effectively.


If you do, the payback can be substantial.


But how can you be sure that you have the best-fit solution for your project - whether it be maintenance, refurbishment or new build - if you don't have top-notch in-house expertise?. Can you count on the perspective of outside suppliers or manufacturers?


When you need impartial, independent advice and support from people who know the lift and escalator industry, the companies, the legislation and the technology from top to bottom, you need Mottram Associates.


When we work with you, we're part of your team - committed, professional, energetic and honest.


We can be with you from the beginning of a project through to completion or we can help you with just one or more elements. Or we can be your long term partner to oversee all your lift system and maintenance needs.  





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Why Mottram?

You benefit from unrivalled expertise in the lift industry which can mean:
  1. Potentially substantial capital and operational cost savings.
  2. Peace of mind on best-fit solutions and legislative compliance.
  3. Improved efficiency through traffic flow studies and reduced downtime.
  4. Saved executive time and hassle - we take the burden.
  5. Personal service and ongoing support.